Treasurer’s report

The combination of our tireless volunteers and widespread community engagement, both financially and in-kind, allow us to continue to meet and exceed our vision every day.  Thank you.

For the 2019-20 financial year, the EverAbility Group continued to meet business objectives and deliver outstanding services for the Western Australian and Tasmanian communities.

As for all business and members of the community, 2019/20 brought significant challenges for our clients and employees.  I am very proud of EverAbility Group’s balanced response to manage the service requirements, ongoing sustainability and the safety of our employees, volunteers and clients.

EverAbility Group’s total revenue and other income for the year was $19.04 million, an increase of nearly $2.0 million due to the receipt of job-keeper payments and a continued growth in our therapy service offerings.  The job-keeper funding in particular, provided much needed support to help our organisation adapt to a Covid19 environment. This will provide ongoing benefits for the organisation.

As the service offering of the EverAbility Group has expanded so too has our expenditure increased – from $15.49 million in 2018/19 to $18.39 million this financial year – an increase of $2.90 million.  This was due to two key areas:

  • Net loss in re-measurement of non-current assets previously held for sale (+$0.9 million) – this represents the catch up of depreciation on Perron Place from prior to the current financial year, which was not taken to expenses while the property was deemed held for sale. This is a one-off impact in 2019/20.
  • Employee Expense ($1.6 million) and Community Education and Fundraising expenses ($0.2 million) directly related to the continued expansion of the service offerings from the EverAbility Group.

Grants and subsidies from federal and state government, and other local funders, continued to represent the largest single source of revenue for the organisation. I would like to acknowledge our funding partners for their financial contribution towards essential programs and invaluable client services.

Donations, bequests and fundraising appeals contributed $6.5 million in revenue for the financial year. The continued generosity of our community is humbling.  This revenue underpins the Guide Dog program in Western Australia and Tasmania, and provides support with major projects to expand the services available to our communities.

I would finally like to thank the EverAbility Group’s management, staff, volunteers and my peers on the Board. Your tireless work to ensure the organisation’s sustainability, means we can continue providing the services, support and spaces our community needs to live a rewarding and independent life.

I am constantly amazed by the commitment from all at EverAbility Group to deliver on our shared vision for inclusion and independence for all.  Thank you.

Sue Shoobridge