Our Approach

We all have the right to live the life we want. To connect with others. To pursue our goals and dreams. To live our vision of a rewarding, independent life.

At EverAbility Group, we provide the services, support and spaces our community – everyone in our community – needs to do just that.

The future we’re creating

Achieving maximum ability for our clients through our exceptional services.

The needs we fill

Therapy services across the ages, vision specialists, Guide and Assistance Dogs and early childhood intervention.

Our unique advantages

Exceptional service, unparalleled customer experience and assistance dogs.

Our shared values

  • Collaboration: we achieve more when we work together and value other’s differences.
  • Excellence: we continually grow and develop through expanding our capabilities whilst striving to be our best.
  • Respect: we respect our stakeholders, who are at the centre of everything we do.

Our commitment to quality

We believe in our people, our systems and our commitment to quality and continuous improvement. We recognise that only through evaluation of current service delivery, performance outcomes and the systems supporting these, can an organisation successfully achieve objective improvements to meet our consumers needs.

We have the policies, procedures and systems where qualitative and quantitative data are collected, analysed and monitored. Empirically we are able to set and identify key criterion that lead to better results and/or address any abnormalities or risk factors. The sophistication of our people, policies, processes and systems provide us with the capability of being able to measure ourselves against the key performance criteria unique to you, your own goals and targets.

In partnership with our consumers, funders and supporters, we seek to understand just what a great result means for you and confidently ensure we deliver it.

Strategic Direction

Strategic Focus Areas

People Centricity

To foster a culture of accountability and trust as an employer of choice. To recruit and train workers through skill development. To promote and further develop our employee value proposition. To focus on client and worker experience.

Service Delivery

To optimise service delivery and products for sustainable growth. To develop and grow our services. To collaborate with stakeholders to review and improve services. To deliver services to a quality standard supported by data, systems and processes.

Brand Clarity

To create a clear market proposition and consolidation of brands. To develop and define brand architecture. To engage stakeholders for story telling. To build and promote brand proposition.

Financial Sustainability

To become financially sustainable with a portfolio of income streams. To achieve sustainable levels of productivity. To leverage existing funding models. To diversify sources of funding.