Making the grade – Our NDIS Practice Standards Audit

How do you know the EverAbility Group provides quality services to people in line with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Practice Standards (link opens in new window)?

The answer? Through an external audit from an independent third-party body. VisAbility is proud to have received a Certificate of Registration from NDIS following its first NDIS Practice Standards Audit and to receive a Certificate of Registration. Registration allows us to receive formal funding from the NDIS and gives us a licence to operate in the disability sector.

Our expertise was acknowledged by quality assurance auditor’s SAI Global (link opens in new window). It audits and certifies thousands of organisations who want to achieve the five ticks mark.

Penny Wakefield and Bronwyn baker stand in front of our building next to VisAbility sign.
After completing our first ever NDIS Practice Standards Audit, we’ve received our Certificate of Registration

Our Executive Therapy Manager of Services, Bronwyn Baker, explains that to be an NDIS provider, we have to reach mandatory standards.

“The findings tell us what we already know that we provide a high level of services to our clients. It gives us a stamp of approval that we meet NDIS practice standards,” she explains.

“In addition, the quality audit gives us constructive feedback. We’ve now established our own Clinical Governance Committee made up of client-facing staff. This Committee meets monthly and discusses areas such as managing risk and developing new policies. It is constantly monitoring and reviewing what we do so we can continually improve on the support and services we provide.”

Auditors assess the organisation’s performance across a variety of areas including requirements for safe human resources practices, risk management, safe client services in addition to specialist areas such as Early Childhood Supports and Specialist Behaviour. Both clients and EverAbility employees gave feedback.

NDIS Practice Standards Audit findings

Audits are conducted every three years, with an interim audit occurring every eighteen months to provide assurance that standards are still being met.


Clinical Governance Manager Penny Wakefield says the NDIS Practice Standards Audit offers credibility. It provides internal and external stakeholders with a glimpse of what’s happening within our organisation both behind the scenes and with our clients.

“It’s like driving a car. You can’t get behind the wheel unless you have a licence. EverAbility cannot provide services through the NDIS unless we undertake audits that can assure both the NDIS and our clients of the quality and safety of our clinical services,” Penny explains.

“The Audit also means we are eligible to receive government funding and helps to build trust with clients. Plus, it makes us focussed on future sustainability and potential growth.”

Positive client feedback 

Auditors looked around the VisAbility building and contacted a random selection of active clients across Western Australia and Tasmania.

One of the most positive comments received stated:

“I love going to VisAbility. When I arrive, it’s like I’m walking around in my world. Everything is set out for someone like me with vision impairment because I don’t have to struggle.”


Other feedback included:

  • I absolutely love our therapists. They are the most understanding people I have ever come across.
  • The therapists are very caring and even offered to contact the social worker for extra support.
  • There is a genuine willingness to help.
  • VisAbility went out of its way to support us during the lockdown
  • My son’s therapist is flexible and works with timings that suit our family.
  • When I share a milestone about my son with his OT, she is so happy. It’s like she is family because she really cares.

A few minor areas highlighted for improvement include:

  • Strengthening policies and procedures to reflect the organisation’s commitment to child safeguarding.
  • Setting clear expectations for client record management.
  • Improving the organisations incident reporting processes.

The next follow-up surveillance audit occurs at eighteen months next year with a comprehensive NDIS Practice Standards Audit due late 2024.

Learn more about our values and beliefs at EverAbility and our commitment to quality and continuous improvement. We strive to pursue and build on our service provision in everything we do.